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SHR Hair Removal Explained

Supercharge Your Way to Silky Smooth Skin This Summer

There’s just three letters you need to remember when it comes to getting gorgeous hair-free skin for the summer ahead: SHR. Now that the SHR hair removal machine has arrived on the scene, you can say goodbye to painful hair removal methods and laborious treatment times and say hello to long-lasting results and full-body confidence day after day—all summer long.

SHR = Super Hair Removal

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal and it’s the latest breakthrough innovation in IPL technology to launch onto the ever-advancing beauty and aesthetics market. Think IPL or laser hair removal but faster, easier and best of all—painless.

The SHR difference

SHR technology is much like traditional IPL treatment but instead of delivering individual high-intensity shots to the treatment area, SHR scans the treatment zone—gradually heating the skin with repetitive low fluence pulses until the hair follicle is destroyed, resulting in stunted hair regrowth or complete elimination of the hair follicle.

Why it’s so super

With the integration of SHR technology into select IPL devices, clients can now enjoy unprecedented treatment times. The scanning method of IPL light delivery slashes session times in half so you can spend less time at the salon and more time enjoying life with silky smooth skin.

SHR also brings great news for those who are a little intimidated by the thought of discomfort during waxing or traditional IPL/laser hair removal. The gradual heat distribution of SHR means treatments are totally comfortable, non-irritating and virtually pain free making it ideal for even sensitive skin types.

Long-lasting results

Like traditional IPL machines, SHR removes unwanted hair pretty much anywhere on the face and body from the upper lip to the bikini line and beyond. So the question is—why would you ever go back to time consuming, uncomfortable and old-fashioned hair removal methods when the future of fast, pain-free and long-lasting hair reduction is right here, right now?

An entire summer without waxing, tweezing or shaving? Don’t mind if we do!

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