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Observ520 Photographic Skin Analysis
 This will be the first step in your skin transformation journey

During your Skin Analysis we will assess your skin by using the Observ520 photographic skin analysis system. We will take the time to discuss your skins history, products used & treatments that you have had. We will also cover diet, lifestyle, and any medications that may be impacting your overall skin health. We will take the time to provide education on lifestyle factors, product usage, and treatments that can improve progression towards your skin goals. During the appointment, together we develop a treatment plan and home care suited to you, your lifestyle and budget.


The Observ520 is an advanced skin analysis technology, with this we can view blemishes, fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone in depth. This allows us to better understand all your skin concerns and to treat existing imperfections, and even address underlying concerns before they become visible

Time - 45

Cost - 55

Redeemable on products or services on the day of appointment.

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